I will happily sign all DVDs and sticker packs before sending them out to you!

If you like, I'm happy to personalize any purchases with your name, or your cousin's name, or your dog's name, or any name you wish, for whatever occasion you choose. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Basically anything you want, made out to whoever you want- but nothing derogatory please! (You'd be surprised how often that's requested.)

There is no extra cost for signed merch, and the only drawback of personalized items is that it might delay shipping if I'm touring or out of town for any reason.  You will be notified by Dirty 'Ol Joe from the shipping dept, if a delay in shipment is anticipated.

T-shirts won't be signed unless requested, because the ink doesn't always hold up so well with general wash & wear.

To request a personalized item(s), use the contact page and quote your order number.